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What is Kickstarter.com?

What is Kickstarter.com?

Kickstarter.com is a website to connect people who want to support the creative process.

How does it work?

Artists, inventors or companies with an idea for a new project create a special page and ask for a minimum amount to make the project a reality. Next, people from around the world donate money to projects and get “rewards” for giving their support. Many times the rewards are the finished items and people who support the project get the items before the general public. This is like being able to pre-order a new product. Some rewards allow people who support the project to give input or suggestions on the design of the final product, like many of my reward levels.

How do I give money?

First, you need to register with Kickstarter.com. This is simple, secure and will only take a minute. Second, you will send the money with an Amazon.com account using any debit or credit card. Amazon is the world leader in e-commerce, so it is safe and secure.

When do you (the project creator) get the money?

I will only receive the donated amount if my project meets the funding goal ($4000.00). If it is NOT met, your credit or debit card will NOT be charged. If my goal is met, then I will receive the money 14 days after the project end date (June 25th).

Who can donate?

Anyone in the world with a credit or debit card can donate to projects on Kickstarter.com. So, tell your friends and family. I have to reach as many people as possible to turn my project into a professional published book.

How can I share your project with others?

On my kickstarter.com project page (CLICK HERE), directly beneath the video, there are 4 buttons.

Starting from the left and moving right:

1) This is the “Like” button with Facebook. Click this and sign-in. Now, my video will appear on your Facebook page.

2) This is the “Tweet” button. Click this and you will be asked to sign-in to Twitter. After you sign-in you can Tweet a link to my page with a pre-written message.

3) This is the “Embed” link button. Click this and a box will appear with code. Highlight the code and post it to your blog or website. Then my video will appear on your site.

4) This is a link to my page. If you click the clipboard, it will copy the link. You can then paste the link in an email, on Facebook, blog or website. This is an actual link directly to my Kickstarter project. Please add this, because the video does not link back to my actual page where people can donate.

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