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The Little Bits Series…

The Little Bits series was written by Sheila Huffman Dailey, who happens to be my mother. She has more than 20 years experience in the non-profit and education sectors mainly working with underprivileged and handicap children. She was the director of the Child Development Center in Lakeland, FL and found a disturbing lack of material she could give to parents of handicap children. She decided to tackle the problem head on and wrote a 5 book series to inform and educate parents about the developmental process.

The first book is titled Little Bits and focuses on the developmental process for babies age 0 – 18 months.

A preview can be found on Amazon by clicking here:

Little Bits : A Special Gift of a Special Mom (English version)

The second book is titled Little Bits Two and discusses the continued development from 18 – 48 months in a child’s life.

Check it out here:

Little Bits Two : A Special Gift for a Special Mom (English version)

The third book is titled Little Bits of Wisdom and is a collection of information on behavior, discipline and health issues.

You can find it through Amazon here:

Little Bits of Wisdom English

The fourth and fifth books are meant for parents to be and thus titled Little bits Mommy To Be and Little Bits for Dad. Both of these are full of helpful tips for the parents to be.

You can find them both here:

Little Bits Mommy-To-Be English

Little Bits for Dad

All of these books were used by non-profit and government agencies across America, but my mother has since retired and has a limited supply of the printed books. I am looking forward to updating the series and converting them to digital format. When this project is completed, they will be available in digital ebook format and also a digital “Master Edition” to be used by non-profit and government agencies. This is a series which has helped thousands of mothers, fathers and children and will be helping more people soon.

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