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America The Most Awesomest Country is on Amazon

Hey There, Follow the link below to see the Amazon Listing.   Click here to visit the Amazon Page  

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Synopsis for America

This is my first draft for the back cover teaser.   America is smothered with personal and private debt, failing to educate students, and losing its once vast wealth and quality of life,  yet our politics are more divisive and our populous more stagnant. It seems that Rome is burning while Americans work harder and […]

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Chapter 6 Housing – After First Revision

  We Have the Biggest Houses Here in America bigger is always better, whether it’s cars, waistlines, NFL linemen, or houses. If you don’t have three extra bedrooms filled with crap you’ve collected over the years, you are a failure—and worse yet, you’re hurting the economy. I’m talking stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and a […]

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Article Submitted for Newsgrape.com

This is an article I submitted to Newsgrape.com. Hopefully, it will be used for the new launch on Monday June 3rd. You can check out the new site here. Start a Discussion in America: A Kickstarter Project Working Title: America, The Most Awesomest Country In America the average voter turnout for a presidential election is […]

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My Current Project

Working Title: America, The Most Awesomest My current project is a book about 12 issues facing America. I have written the book in two voices. The first is a humorous voice which adds some laughs to each chapter. The second is a logical and friendly voice written in a conversational style. The goal is to […]

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A sample chapter from upcoming book…

This chapter is from the book I am publishing now. It is rough and I will be making changes. My goal is to hire a professional editor to help me with structure, word choice and to cut unecessary explanation. We’re the Smartest People In the World Boy are we smart. This is America, Greatest Country […]

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