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My Current Project

Working Title: America, The Most Awesomest

My current project is a book about 12 issues facing America. I have written the book in two voices. The first is a humorous voice which adds some laughs to each chapter. The second is a logical and friendly voice written in a conversational style. The goal is to inform readers and spur discussion among friends, family and society as a whole.

These are my twelve chapters:

  1. Obesity Epidemic
  2. Education System
  3. Wealth Disparity
  4. Health Care System
  5. Housing Situation
  6. Tax System
  7. The State of the Economy
  8. Unemployment Rate and Jobs
  9. Fiscal Policy and National Debt
  10. Immigration Policy
  11. The Size of America’s Military
  12. Environmental Policy

The order of the chapters is not set. Some will be grouped, such as obesity and health care or jobs, economy and wealth disparity. Once the editing is complete, I will finalize the chapter order.

I started this project after visiting America in the early Spring. When home, I was shocked by the political wrestling match in the Republican primaries. Throughout the ordeal candidates were sound bitten and arguments flared up over trivial issues.

I am sure it will only get worse as we approach the November elections. America’s problems can not be solved by one man or one election, and I want to give people a framework for discussing our problems.

We need serious discussion about real problems in America. I explain issues using general terms and work through some possible solutions. I do not make decisions for readers, but hope to stimulate interest for further reading and discussion.

In my time in South Korea, I have been surrounded by people from other countries. Some of these people are Korean, while many others are from other English speaking countries. Having discussions and learning more about how other countries choose to address fundamental issues has given me a new and fresh perspective on my homeland, which I convey in America, The Most Awesomest Country.

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