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Article Submitted for Newsgrape.com

This is an article I submitted to Newsgrape.com. Hopefully, it will be used for the new launch on Monday June 3rd. You can check out the new site here.

Start a Discussion in America: A Kickstarter Project

Working Title: America, The Most Awesomest Country

In America the average voter turnout for a presidential election is about 50% of the voting age population. It is markedly less for off year elections. Why does this matter? Well, representative democracy isn’t effective when less than half of citizens are represented.

Low voter turnout is due to a variety of issues, but I feel the most crucial are apathy and lack of understanding. The apathy is driven in large part by a general distaste for the particular breed of politics practiced today. It seems the focus is on attacking and beating down the other candidates rather than providing solutions for our troubles. The lack of understanding stems from the way issues are portrayed. Our media pundits focus on gaffes and the conventional misunderstandings of the day, rather than looking holistically at problems and considering wider reaching implications.

My goal is to engage and inform average folks across the country with 12 important issues we face. I do this by benefiting the reader in three ways. First, each reader is engaged by the informal style and humor sprinkled throughout the book. Second, issues are discussed in a holistic view and consider far reaching and often misunderstood consequences of maintaining the status quo. Lastly, we evaluate proposed solutions discussing the consequences and possible implementation. Every word is meant to spur discussion and thought among readers.

Engagement leads to understanding. With understanding, a discussion will ensue. When people start discussions we can have collaboration. In a collaborative environment, more people are represented. A represented nation leads to change which betters the lives of Americans. This book will be successful when more people are engaged, informed and represented through participation in our Democratic process.

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